Saturday, May 3, 2014

Still in Oregon

Well.  We've been gone almost a month and still haven't made it out of Oregon. A week in Newport, waiting for our appointment with Guaranty RV. Another 12 days in Junction City while Guaranty made several stabs at fixing the RV. So far so good. Then most of a week in Florence, where we could camp for free, while waiting for some money to arrive. Now due to time constraints, we're back in the I-5 corridor, near Ashland, preparing to head south on I-5.

Repairs on the RV and a new pair of glasses for Jenny set us back about $800 we hadn't budgeted for. After all, when your new RV spends six months at the dealer, you sort of expect that it won't fall apart right out of the gate. But it did. Things the dealer said weren't a problem were, the gas leak the dealer said didn't exist did, the stabilizers they said they fixed, they didn't. "Nuff said about the dealer. We will not return there. (Curtis RV in PDX. AVOID.)

Guaranty managed to fix it all, for much less, and so far it's all working. Tomorrow we may actually make it to California.


We sold our house, effective May 1. We hired a company to do the estate sale and clean up. Somebody started breaking in in mid-April stealing things. The people we hired are as baffled as we are because they are very careful about locking up.

The first night, a large screen TV and some jewelry disappeared. The next night, they took the upright freezer. Then the dryer, followed by the washer. Every night, another missing item. We are now up to several thousand dollars worth of stolen stuff.

We have a pretty good idea who is doing this, and the locks have been changed, but the culprit (suspected) never had a key anyway.  I'm not going to say more because there is a police investigation underway. Eventually, I may tell the whole story.


Our second night in Junction City, our cat Buddy ran away. We kept trying to find him but finally gave up when we left for Florence. So far, Abby and Zee are around, although Zee likes to go on walkabout so we're never sure when he'll be back. Needless to say, we are saddened by the loss of Buddy.

I promise more photos and stuff once we get out of Oregon and start finding better Internet. Junction City and Florence had none.


  1. Did you put up signs for Buddy, and leave info and picture with local animal shelters? They would call you if Buddy was found. This makes me sad.

  2. Bless your dear hearts! You have had more than your share of trouble. So, so sorry to hear about the thefts. That really sucks rocks!

    Let us know when the estate sale starts. And Godspeed!

  3. I hope you realize that if your adventures weren't so dreadful, they would be hilarious. So sorry about the cat. Poor Buddy - hope he finds a good new home.