Thursday, June 6, 2013

RVing Post Surgery - Thoughts Needed

Looks like our entry into full-time RV life may be delayed again. Depending on the results of yesterday's MRI, I may need to have surgery on my ankle.  Since the doctor was all set to do surgery without the MRI, I think he's pretty sure I've torn some tendons. Which will mean several weeks in Dead Bug Pose (leg elevated, flat on my back more or less). Followed by many more weeks in a cast and on crutches.

We've gone round and round about recovery in the house vs. recovery in the RV.

I want to recover in the RV where everything is close, but that has some problems. Mainly the steps into the thing (made for men, as usual) and the steps up to the bathroom. Both seem to be insurmountable when you can't put any weight at all on one leg for several weeks. If anyone knows of ways to circumvent these problems, let me know. Don't tell me to do the steps on my bottom. That puts me squarely on my butt, on the floor. Let's see you get up from the floor with one leg while taking serious drugs. Hell, let's see you do it without the drugs.

The house makes sense because when we built it we put a wheelchair ramp up to the back door and it's all on one level. But it's big. And we've lost the remote to the TV.  I figure if I have to be in bed in the house, it's gonna be a fancy hospital bed and Netflix will be my new best friend. After Percocet, of course.

I figure I will need:

A hospital bed in the family room (centrally located to the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, deck, and TV.)

One of those hospital tables so I can put my computer on it and work. Yes, I did take on a job that will be due in August. Hopefully, I will no longer be on drugs and able to complete it about the time the chapters arrive.

A wheelchair for a few weeks.

A new remote for the TV.

A knee scooter. Those of you who've seen me on crutches know that a knee scooter can only make things worse, but there you have it.

A garden hose hooked up to the sink so I can get my own damn drink of water.

Lots of friends to help.

If anyone knows how to live in a fifth wheel on one leg, please let me know how you do it. Do the make stairs for those things for short people?