Friday, May 9, 2014

Playing Catch Up

So, this may be a series of random posts. We've made it as far as Hollister (earthquake capitol of the world, if Jenny is to be believed) and tomorrow we plan to head down to the LA area. I've got photos, and stuff, and things to say.

We've been here for four days, visiting Monterey, Gilroy (garlic capitol of the world), Castroville (artichoke capitol of the world...either there is a theme here or California (8th largest economy in the world) is out to take over the entire world one vegetable and one economy at a time).

So, first some good news. Jenny and I have lost a combined total of 29 pounds. That's fifteen for her, fourteen for me, but who's keeping score. We're already discussing the need for new clothes. In case you want to know how, we're doing the Whole30, sort of, and living in a fifth wheel involves lots of physical work.

We spent a couple days in a Thousand Trails outside of Oregon House (which is in California), north of Sacramento. Driving from Ashland to Oregon House, we noticed that Lake Shasta is REALLY low. The lowest we've ever seen it, and we've done this drive many times. We're used to seeing the sides of the lake bare, but this time we saw the lake bottom in spots.

And just in case we didn't get that California is experiencing a severe drought, there are electronic highway signs every few miles reminding of us this fact and telling us to conserve water. Now, can you find a rest area in California? Of course not. (Maybe they got rid of them so they could save water?) But if you need drought reminders, they are everywhere.

Lots of empty, and by empty I mean NO water, creek and river beds. The eucalyptus trees are dying, apparently due to lack of water although it could be some plague, and NO rest areas. (We did find one just across the border, and another south of Sacramento, but that's a long way between toilets.) And just try to get a glass of water in San Juan Bautista. We did. You can't.

Anyway, I digress. I'll post this, download some photos from the camera, and get on with the story.

And, yes, we've had adventures. See you round the bend.


  1. Hmmm...first comment disappeared. I had not realized that California was having such a bad drought. I know all my relatives down there complain of high water costs.

  2. Hugs to both of you! Congratulations on the weight loss. And blessings on the rest of the trip. YOu are a lot tougher than I am!