Saturday, May 17, 2014

Carmel By-the-Sea and Salinas

Yesterday, we drove down to Carmel so Jenny could take a trip down memory lane (she lived there one summer). We had a lovely breakfast and a woman we chatted with ended up paying our bill. Good karma for the strawberry fairy, I guess.

Here's my favorite sight in Carmel:

Driving by quickly,  I thought it was an elephant crossing. Looking closer, I discovered that it's actually a boar crossing. The boar's name is, I suspect, Rudolph.

After our tour, we headed to Salinas which is where Jenny was born. This is her grandparents' old house in Salinas:

This is the house John Steinbeck grew up in in Salinas:

The people of Salinas didn't like him because he wrote about the marginalized. Then he became famous and they all wanted him to come to their parties. I like him because when he was twelve, he was a crucifer at the local Episcopal church. While carrying the cross, which is what a crucifer does, he managed to drop the cross on the bishop's head and knock the guy unconscious.  Steinbeck left the church as a result, never to return.

Yes, I did eat this. It was okay.

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  1. Carmel by the Sea does have some great views. The sign is not the only thing there. You ate garlic ice cream!! YECH!!