Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stuck In Hollister, Maybe Forever

We are currently at the Thousand Trails property in Paicines (pop. 240) which is near Tres Pinos (pop. 500 plus three excellent restaurants) which is also near Hollister (pop. 40,000) which has a laundromat and lots of the usual city stuff like Starbucks and fast food.

We've been here almost two weeks, and will be here a couple more most likely because, as usual, we are learning IMPORTANT lessons.

New Lesson: Only get gas at truck stops when hauling a fifth wheel.

We made the mistake of trying to go to a regular gas station in Sacramento. Sacramento has long been considered my nemesis so this story is not that amazing. They planted landscaping trees in this gas station. We hit one. Although we didn't know it at that time.

When we got to camp (here in the lovely San Benito Valley) we discovered this.

Yes, that is a broken window. There was glass all over the place, inside the RV, which took forever to clean up and we are still finding little shards in odd places.

We were able to set up, spent several days, and were ready to move on when we discovered our kitchen slide would not close. It opened just fine, but putting the dang thing back in was not going to happen. Here is why:

Do not ask me how this happened. I don't know. What I do know is that we called the insurance company last Saturday. They couldn't take our claim because it was Saturday. We called again on Monday. The adjuster finally called on Wednesday, and can be here next Tuesday. And of course, we can't a) take it to a repair shop until he approves and b) take it anywhere until it's somehow back in the RV where it belongs and c) can't make an appointment until he tells us we can.

Just for kicks, we called a shop and found out that as of last Monday, their next available appointment is in June. This could be a very long sojourn in Hollister.

Spanish word of the day: Joyeria. No, after my mistake thinking a ferreteria is a place to eat ferrets, I've learned not to jump to conclusions. So I figured this probably was not a place to eat joy.  I looked this one up and it's a jewelry store. 

Ha! I bet my 3-year-old granddaughter doesn't know that one. However, I'm pretty sure that after some time in a Peruvian pre-school, she can probably form a good sentence. I can say "Donde es los banos," a profoundly useful sentence, but not what I'd call great conversation.

More later.


  1. I guess the exorcism did not work. I still think you might want to get a different motorhome. Maybe my parents in Hemet would sell theirs.

  2. Have you hit the law of diminishing returns with this thing yet? Holy night, you've really been through hell with that fifth wheel! Good luck.