Thursday, April 17, 2014

They Stole Our What?

So, things are a bit of a mess right now. We got to Junction City, the only city on earth that has thousands of RV dealers and NO Internet. We are now at Guaranty RV center, the best service place on the planet if you listen to other RVers, ensconced in their free RV "park." Basically, it's a giant parking lot with lots of RVs, and some hookups. We have power. We have water.We have no sewer (thank God/dess we emptied our tanks before leaving Newport). Most important, we have no Internet.

And since we're still working on organizing, lots of our "organization" fell apart on the road from Newport to Corvallis. I've spent the evening picking up and putting away things I've already picked up and put away.  Time to get out the museum putty and nail this shit to the wall or counters or any other horizontal or vertical space I can find.

Since we have no propane, we can't cook unless we use the microwave or the coffee pot. We do have a gas leak, hence the empty tanks. One of many things we will get fixed while here. So we had to go find food. In Eugene, 10 miles away, because there is no food that I could see in Junction City, only RVs.

After a fine dinner at KFC, we went to Fred Meyers to get a few things. Since I overdid yesterday, I waited in the car while Jenny went in. After awhile, she came out to tell me she needed my debit card. Hers was at home, as was her wallet.

She went back into the store and came back to tell me someone had stolen our groceries. Fortunately, a) we hadn't paid for them yet and b) the clerk chased the guy down and got them back. We now have grapes, mayonnaise, and flea stuff for the animals.

Yes, the animals have fleas already. Of course, they have had fleas many times before. But usually we don't forget to put that flea stuff on their necks that creeps down their bodies and causes the fleas to die or jump ship.

I took NO pictures today, being mostly in pain. But I do have some good ones to upload for later.

Keep coming back for more of the adventures of two old batts....We'll see you soon. In fact, Portland peeps, we will be in PDX next Monday to run some errands. If you need us, we'll try to hook up.

And, BTW, in addition to our usual phones, we also have a Verizon phone. If you can't reach us on T-Mobile (the Burgerville of cell phones...Oregon and Washington folks know what I mean) you'll have to call us on the McDonalds phone. That number is 971-801-4415.

Time to go find my Nook which seems to have gone missing somewhere in the truck. With no Internet and no TV (I just don't feel like figuring it out tonight), I guess I need to read a book. Like that's news. Right now I'm reading Stephen King's sequel to The Shining. It's called Dr. Sleep and has the scope of The Stand. I'm loving it.  And then a new Alex Cross mystery (written by James Patterson) is waiting for me tomorrow at the Multnomah County Library.