Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breakfast with Fat Albert

Our friend Liz wanted to see us off so we agreed on breakfast the day we left. This is Liz:

This is Fat Albert's in Sellwood:

 A great little breakfast place. Only serves breakfast. If it's crowded, sit at the group table and meet some new people.

Look who we ran into:

  This is an ex-boyfriend of our youngest daughter. Chase used to want to be a medical examiner and had a very scary MySpace page that had all the parents twisting. But we knew he was a good kid and we were right. He's now an accountant, with his own business. He's the kind of kid who ran for class parent by being funny and ridiculous and won. Then did a good job. (Lincoln peeps, think David Polonoff's run for Student Body President and the fur-lined mukluks.)

 Special thanks to Dan Quayle (Dan Who?) for the sentiment. Special thanks to me for getting it sideways. 

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