Thursday, April 17, 2014

Look What I Can Do!

Before we left PDX, I splurged and bought a good camera to take on the trip. I was planning to get a Canon EOS T3 but was a bit nervous about having to think about things like f stops and apertures and light meters and all that stuff.  Then I heard about something called "bridge cameras." These are for those of us who want to pretend we know what we're doing, but don't actually have a clue and prefer to remain clueless.

I bought a Fujifilm Finepix S8200 for about half the price of the Canon AND I can actually make it do things. Cool things. Look:

 Probably the coolest picture I've ever taken.

  This is either a buoy, an oil rig, or the tin man after he's been attacked by seagulls and left to rot in Newport Bay.

  See that thing at the bottom? It's a seal!

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  1. It is always best to get that kind of camera if you want to not fiddle with settings. Nice pic!