Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog? What Blog? or SHEEEE"S BAAAACK!

I know, we promised a blog. And there shall be a  blog. But we're on the shakedown part of this cruise, discovering new things all the time. For example, blogs require Internet, something the Oregon Coast seems to lack in any reasonable speeds. And here at Whaler's Rest, just south of Newport, there isn't even cell service.

We finally escaped  Beavercreek on April 6th, just a couple of weeks later than planned. This was due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the RV falling off a stabilizer while we were in Seattle visiting the middle child. At 3 am. Cats and humans flew in all directions, one of us assuming that the entire West Coast was heading into the Pacific and/or Mt. Rainier was erupting. The other one went outside and fixed it. Sort of. But this meant another trip to Curtis Trailers (whom I don't really trust), another unreasonable delay, and one cat who absolutely refused to get out of the RV.

Yes, we are traveling with cats. Three of them. More on that later. When the RV finally came back, we had to hurry and stow stuff, but were unable to open the slides because there was no power. We, of course, have no idea how to open them otherwise, although I suspect there is a crank or something. Of course, maybe the crank is just me.

We spent two nights at Silver Spur RV in Silverton, making trips back and forth to the house. At last, we took our overloaded fifth wheel out on the road, all the way to Newport. That's about 153 miles from our former home in Beavercreek. We were on our way.

Until we tried to put the living/dining room slide out. The RV has been to Curtis twice to have this problem fixed, and each time they told us it worked just fine. Even though they had to come to the house one time to put it in for us.

Short story: slide wouldn't go out. Called two different (and highly recommended BY CURTIS) RV specialists here at the coast, only to have both of them tell us the slide was faulty, the problem was structural, and continuing to try to open the slide could lead to the entire wall of the RV exploding. Somebody tell Scott it's not too late to follow us around with that video camera. An exploding wall could make for great television.

So we're still in Newport, waiting for our appointment with Guaranty RV in Junction City (supposedly the best in the country) starting on April 17th. It should take only two to four weeks to fix (by replacing the slide), quite an improvement over Curtis keeping the trailer for six months while watching our warranty run out and doing virtually nothing. Not even ordering the parts. There will be discussions.

More to come.....

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  1. It sounds to me like you have a lemon of an RV...ever thought of trading it in?
    When you are RV parks, there are often old timers who can help with just about anything and everything! My sister said their 1st 2 years were easier with the help from the old timer RVers. Now they are old timers!