Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Overdoing and Some Successes

Some of you may be aware that I have a tendency to overdo on good days. It's not that I hate good days; I love them. But when a fibromyalgiac (great word I made up, huh?) has a really good day, we like to take advantage of them. Which, of course, causes bad days. Yesterday (Tuesday) was a good day. Good weather, lots of energy. Let's go swimming!

We are trying to exercise every day, and this was not the first time I've been swimming since this adventure began. But I know I have to observe ridiculous limits to avoid flares. Well, instead of 20 minutes of water exercise, I did 35. Nothing wrong with that, you think. Well, then, you don't have fibro. Twenty solid minutes of water exercise is my outside limit. Thirty five is beyond the pale.

Today I am paying for it. And, to top it off, today we had to drive which meant we had to close up the fiver and then set it up again. It also meant travel on a crappy road, with lots of bumps, and, because travel days always mean extra work, I got in and out of the truck NINE times. I know. That's only half as many as last time, and Jenny was very kind when I finally announced I was not getting in the truck again, but I'm afraid tomorrow will be a not-so-good day. I can already feel it in my muscles and brain (yes, you heard that right. My brain.)

On top of all that, tomorrow they come at 10:30 am to take our trailer into the service bay. So, until sometime tomorrow afternoon, we will be homeless. And we'll have to box up the cats and take them in the truck with us. I can hardly wait.

On the success side, Jenny and I are both working at losing weight and so far I've lost 10 pounds and she's lost 8. My goal is to lose 62 pounds in the next year, a pound for each year. I'd brag that I'm ahead of Jenny except then I'd get jinxed. You'll have to do the bragging for me.

Our youngest kid, Meg, has challenged us to do the Whole 30 plan starting the day after Easter. Oh, and my Lenten discipline was to give up Diet Cola for the duration. I've been drinking iced tea instead. I did cheat once, when we went to see a movie and they had nothing I could drink. But it was Sunday and Sundays, as all you good Christians know, are always feast days. Which explains why Lent is 40 days long and not 46 or 47. SUNDAYS DON'T COUNT!

Will I go back to Diet Cola? Who knows. Maybe occasionally, maybe not.

Later, gators.


  1. Well, it's almost Easter girls...go easy on the Peeps!

  2. Sounds like you are always on a teeter totter with your healthy/unhealthy days.