Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trailer Update

So, Calamity Jane (aka CJ) is in the shop. See, there were these wrecks. The one where we hit the sign, the one where we hit the tree, the one where we hit a bumper, the one where we backed into the house. Remind me what we think we are doing?

She's been there for two weeks and will probably be there two to three more. That's because the shop can't seem to order parts until the RV is there, rather than ordering them to be there when the RV is there. If this keeps up, we may spend most of retirement living in an RV repair shop. Which apparently you can do.

Fortunately, we still have the house but it's for sale. And people come through whenever they feel like it, violating the mysterious real estate law that says they should CALL FIRST!

So at least twice I've been in bed when the invasion occurs. Which means I have to hurry into some clothes. Since most of my clothes are in the RV, this sometimes means throwing on dirty clothes as I can't just waltz through the house to the utility room to pull things out of the dryer.

Then I'm, well, here. While they look. The problem is we got rid of one car and if we have to draw straws for who gets the truck, I automatically lose since Jenny has one of those jobs that requires her to be some place. My job requires me to be some place, too, but my place is right here, in the house, in my office.

Anyway, not having a car at my constant disposal is harder than I thought it would be.  I hate to drive, I don't drive often, but when I want to drive, I want a car to drive.  Mostly I don't have one, which means I mostly talk to animals.

Not that I don't like Dr. Doolittle (the one with Rex Harrison) but I'm not him. The dog tricks me all the time, the cats either totally ignore me or sit on top of me while I'm trying to work. Now, think about this. Right now we have 2400 sq ft, plenty of room for two oversized adults and four animals.

But the trailer, with all the slides out, is maybe 500-600 sq ft. The animals all want to be where the people are, and as long as Jenny is still working, I'm the people they want to be with most of the time. This should be an interesting experiment.

However, at the rate the shop is fixing the RV, and given that a half-naked woman running through the house all un-showered, disheveled, and blind (my glasses live in my office), I doubt we'll ever sell the house. They must think it's possessed. I am the ghost in the house.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know.

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