Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Smiles: Things that Made Me Smile this Week

Since I feel like death on a stick, in part due to fibro and in part due to a lingering flu, not much made me smile this week. But it's hard to keep a comic from laughing and I am no exception.

Things that made me smile:

  • Banter with Meg, our lovely youngest daughter.
  • Hearing my friend Mary Jean laughing in our living room while I was sleeping.
  • Watching our old dog, Good Dog Gwyneth, go from a lazy semi-dead state to a bouncy puppy state after hearing the words "dinner" and "dog" used in the same sentence.
  • Finding Jenny working at home when I thought she was at the office.
  • Hearing that our RV may be ready sooner than we thought.
  • Best of Craigslist. Never fails to make me laugh, even when I feel like crap.
  • Discovering the Progressive Christian Alliance and Christian Universalism. Maybe there is a place for me.
Sorry it's short, but I'm sick. Hopefully tomorrow may be better.

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