Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No snowplows between 9 pm and 5 am

What? These people have personal snowplows? Isn't plowing something done by city or county folks? Why would they need a sign telling them when not to plow? I'm baffled. Maybe out here in the land of the Marlboro man they all have snowplows.

We spent the day at Grand Teton national park. Amazingly beautiful. I took photos but will have to add them later when I have access to a real computer instead of a tablet. We saw NO wildlife although we tried. Well, there were mallards and geese and one lone coot.


  1. Was your vehicle noisy and scaring off the wildlife? There is usually lots around there. Only 1 coot?! I have NEVER just seen one! When I lived in Canyon Lake, CA., there were so many coots that once a year they would have a coot shoot to thin them down! They are very messy! I always had to go away when they had the shoots as it made me sad!

  2. I think it is a warning that the road may have a build up of snow between those hours because the city, county etc. isn't plowing in the cold dark of the night. That is what I thought it meant. Not that people had, but couldn't use, personal snowplows.between those hours. Between 9 and 5 AM, travel at your own risk.