Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Over there at the right side is button for the Sunday Sweets and Smiles challenge. In this challenge, you are supposed to do a collage of things that made you smile durring the past week. So here goes.

First off, there is this little girl. She really knows how to rock those tap shoes and her wild abandon is contagious. Something I need to emulate.

Then there's this Halloween costume that appeals to the book lover in me. Announcing the Diction-Fairy:

Photo: I think I found my Halloween costume! The Diction-fairy! Thanks to Children's Reading Foundation for sharing this one!

And this:

Other things that made me smile:

  • Finding out that one of my daughters has applied to the Teach for America program. It will be a significant cut in pay for her for a couple of years, but she will be an awesome Math and Science teacher. Not to mention giving her more time to spend with my gorgeous grandchildren.
  • The awesome people who helped us get our house ready for the open house.
  • Sandra Bullock in Gravity. The movie is one of those roller coaster rides that careens from one horrible situation to another, but hey, it's Sandra Bullock.
  • Pinterest. Boy did I have fun pinning things this week.

Other pleasures of the week:

  • Finished Clive Cussler's Spartan Gold
    • I'm not sure about this series, the Fargo Series, although I'm willing to give it another chance and read the next in the series. No, it does not involve any wood chippers.
  • Read James Patternson's Third Degree
    • Third in the Women's Murder Club series. I'm loving this series. Great fun, although this book had a disaster in it. However, if someone had to die, I'm glad it was her and not the others.
  • Started Rita Mae Brown's A Nose for Justice.
    • Have my tastes changed? Or is it just that after reading Cussler and Patterson, Brown's books are just too tame? I'm going to keep going and maybe I'll fall in love with this new series. However, so far it is not up to the Mrs. Murphy series, nor is it Six of One or Ruby Fruit Jungle.
  •  Found eighteen one dollar bills in my freshly washed jeans, the jeans I just took to the laundry, and my coat pockets. A windfall.

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