Thursday, July 31, 2014

Morgan Hill, California

We spent a week in the Thousand Trails property in Morgan Hill. This town is significant because a whole bunch of Jenny's relatives lived, died, and were buried here. Trader Joe's is right where her great-grandmother's house stood.

While the wifi is non-existent, the pool more than made up for it. The fact that the pool is right next to the laundry room is genius. Put in the wash, swim, switch to the dryer, swim some more. Ache like crazy the next day because you spent an hour and a half in the pool.

The wifi is also right by the pool, but doesn't work worth crap.

Random photo of the day:

This was on the wall at a little Mexican restaurant in Los Pinos, population 500, home to four fabulous restaurants. We only ate at two of them, because one was outrageously expensive and the other was only open three days a week and had a wait list that when on for all three days. I think people  just lined up in their pajamas and slept until their name was called.

Yes, that is a picture of a real firing squad. Sort of unnerving to have that sitting above your plate of chili rellenos. Which were fabulous.

And now, having used a word starting with un-, I feel compelled to tell you that we owe William Shakespeare for those two little words that undo everything.

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  1. It would unappetizing to look at that while eating!