Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We Are Now Preppers

No. We are not hoarding food or worrying about zombies appearing on our doorstep. But we are in the final stages of preparation for our Great Adventure. So far, I've planned the entire trip. It goes through 27 states and the District of Columbia. The plans are not cast in concrete, and change almost daily, but at least they are evolving.

I'm using this great tool called roadtrippers.com to plan. If you are doing any road trips, you need this tool. It's also available for your android or iphone, and works on my Nook HD as well. It lets you select destinations, tells you how many miles between destinations, how long it should take you to drive it, and how much your gas will cost.

The first leg looks like this:

PDX-Palm Desert via 101 | My new trip on Roadtrippers.com!

However, a friend who knows such things says that the northern stretch of 101 in California is covered in land and mud slides. So I may have to reroute us down I-5. We have reservations in Palm Desert for TWO WEEKS starting April 15. I know. It's getting hot down there by then, but I don't care. I need hot. My body is rapidly becoming frozen tundra, a difficult thing considering how much of it is fat.


Jenny retired. Last Friday. It has now been three days and we have yet to kill each other. In fact, we've been having fun. I never really believed she'd do it, being all Type A and all. (Her, not me. I'm Type B- or C most of the time) But she did. And now we're both getting excited for the trip to begin and also panicking about how much we still have to do.


Our trip will wend its way east from Palm Desert, following the border and the Gulf of Mexico, until we get to Jacksonville, FL where our nephew is currently moving to. From there, we head north with stops in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., Pennsylvania, New York, and Maine (and probably some other places) to visit friends and family and see things we've never seen before.

We then plan to come back via the northern route, again seeing people on the way back.

BUT, there is a monkey wrench. Twenty years ago, we scandalized Jenny's 30th high school reunion by being there. This year is the 50th reunion, in Idaho, in September. As far as we know, there was no 40th reunion (or we weren't invited). So we intend to do a reprise of the scandal by showing up. Which means we may have to reroute a bunch of things, or drive fast.


The RV place PROMISES that they will have everything they need for final repairs by this Friday. So that part of planning will be done and we can possibly move back into the RV next week.

More on the planning later. And I'll take pictures of the moving mess. And maybe the mud.