Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things are Moving Right a hectic pace

For various reasons, that I will not bore you with, we have decided to move by May 31. We're not moving far, just to an RV park near PDX until December when I can start getting social security and Jenny can retire.

Yes, May 31. As in a month from now. My business partner and her other business partner, not to be confused with any of our life partners, offered to handle the move, the packing, the estate sale, and everything else. Remember, I'm in a cast. I'm using a cane. I'm not supposed to walk on it although it is, in theory, a walking cast. They would prefer I get a knee scooter, but I'm not spending $300 for a little single purpose scooter. Besides, every time I take a step, it pinches my pinky toe. I'll probably get a new cast next week.

The first step was to deal with my library. Here are the after shots:

 The books on the shelves on the low case are my complete Madeleine L'Engle collection. I was fortunate to be able to study with her, and these books are going to my grandkids in Seattle.
all the stuff on the other shelves is related to my graduate programs....unimportant things like my thesis....

On the left are some shelves we didn't get to yet. And there are several more shelves in parts of the house that have yet to be done. Our estate sale folks took 20 boxes of books to Powell's to sell, I took about that many last year, and there are probably another 20 or so to go. Fortunately, radical feminist commie pinko fairy theology sells well. Your standard run-of-the-mill Christian stuff does not. Glad my taste runs to weird.

More later.....

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