Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Becoming Real

So I've loved that old teddy bear with the stuffing coming out for all these past 20+ years and FINALLY she announced that she wants to be out of the house in three months. Maybe not out of town, and maybe not retired, but living full time in the fifth wheel even if we are stuck in Oregon for a few more months.

Now begins the flurry of sorting, packing, disposing, and getting ready to go! I spent Sunday trying to condense my yarn and fiber stores down into one large Rubbermaid container. Good luck with that.  But I do have about six times as many boxes in the sell/give away/relocate pile as in the keep pile so there's hope.

This week, I may tackle the books. I've already sold hundreds of books at Powells, but there are still way too many in the house. Problem is now that I've weeded out the easy sells, I have to actually think about this.

Wait, no. I don't. I have old eyes. I can't read anything that isn't exploded to at least 14 pts which means I read on an e-reader. But wait. What about the book I'm researching that requires all these tomes not available on e-reader? See, these are the choices I face. Blindness or knowledge.

Anybody looking for a huge floor loom? You can't keep it forever, but I'd rather have someone using it and enjoying it for the next few years that dismantle it and store it. Let me know.


  1. How big is the loom? Maybe we could work something out...

    1. Sue, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was busy getting a cast on my leg. The loom is a four harness, 48" counterbalance. It was built by my dad which is why I'm not selling it. One of my kids has indicated she might like to have it if her family ever settles down and quits moving around the world. If you want to keep it for me, and of course use it, we can bring it over and set it up.